10 mistakes that can kill your website

10 mistakes that can kill your website

November 18, 2020 0 By Yashasvi Bhati
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Everyone is promoting their business online. However, not all of them are successful in doing so. Let’s discuss  10 mistakes that may create a bad impression on your website. Bad customer engagement is killer for any business website in the competitive world of business:-

->When businesses want to promote their website online, they tend to choose platforms that don’t suit their business.

->Inefficient website and app design can have a huge impact on customer engagement. Let’s say the website is slow or the customer is not able to find the information he/ she is looking for, they would be frustrated and would never buy products from your company.

->Promoting products on social media is an important s task in order to get more visitors to your online business. However, some businesses tend to skip it.

->Another mistake committed by companies while promoting products online is that they don’t target the right audience. A business should have a clear idea about its target audience in order to get noticed online.

->Some businesses don’t have a marketing plan which can be dangerous. This could lead to low customer volume, budget problems, and shutting down of the business.

->Not providing enough payment options is also one of the mistakes done by businesses.

->People don’t like when you have to pay for shipping, so it is better to provide free shipping to your customers.

->Using irrelevant images, when the images are incorrectly placed or do not match with the website theme, they cause the worst impact on the visitors.

->Not providing quality content on your website might make you lose your customers.

->Customers hate when a website is full of advertisements, Moreover, pop-up advertisements cause undesired switches of pages for users, which keeps the website from being user-friendly and causes a very unpleasant experience for the users.


A compelling and useful website is not the only thing required. An inefficient website design causes businesses to lose customers and money. Good web design doesn’t always require spending a lot of money and making it look pretty; it means preventing crucial small or big mistakes and correcting them on regular basis.

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