What is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing, Advertisement, Digital Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material like videos, blogs, and social media posts that are intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.  Content marketing works by offering readers information and useful materials. Using blogs, social media posts, videos, content marketing attracts potential consumers, keeps them engaged.

Who uses Content Marketing?

These days, just about everyone uses content marketing, whether they know it or not. It’s the companies with formalized strategies that stand to gain the most from their efforts. Identifying what type of content marketing is relevant to your audience can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take the flow to understand your target customers and their needs, the ideas will flow.

How does Content Marketing work?

If you are wondering, “how does this work?” Well here are the following ways that can help make content marketing work.

You create content

It’s best to create content that can help people seek their answers online.  People don’t like to engage with content that doesn’t help them nor answer their questions that they are looking for.

You share your content online

Once you create your content you can share it with your audience through social media, blogs, and many more. It’s best to focus on the industry of influencers since it’ll be easier for them to expand and promote the brand especially for those who are interested in your company/product.

People searching online for more information

People would search for the information they need online. They would search for topics like yours and check if it fits their needs best. If the subject is related or has certain keywords, then they will most likely click on it and check it out.

People enjoying your content

Once people realize your content is helpful to them, they will enjoy your content with the knowledge you posted. This will also improve your SEO ranking. It’s great to do this so you’ll have more clicks and when you have more clicks you’ll have more people visiting your content. 

You earn sales

Once your audience gets to know your brand, they will eventually turn into customers and spread awareness of your company/ product.

The types of content you can produce

-Thought leadership: is usually written by the company’s executives and are focusing on promoting the company’s brand.

-High-quality universal content: this is written specifically to what your company is operating in. 

-SEO: are used specifically for demand generation and written for the express purpose to rank high organically for individual keywords.

-Product/Vertical: should be aimed towards region-specific and product-specific.


Search-optimized blog posts are simple yet powerful tools for engaging your target audience.

Content Marketing, Advertisement, Blog, Digital Marketing
The picture above is a blog of a summarize of my Japan trip

Social media

Social media campaigns often leverage user-generated content to promote greater levels of engagement. Likewise, influencer marketing can be an effective way to marketing to audiences who are generally resistant to advertisements.

Content Marketing, Advertisement, Blog, Instagram, Digital Marketing
The picture above left to right: collab with sunglasses company and promoted them by giving people discounts, food everyone loves looking at food especially if they’re planning to go to that specific restaurant, fashion or city view; a certain place to take pictures downtown Toronto


Video marketing targets your audience by attracting, engaging, and getting them interested in your product or brand.

Content Marketing, Advertisement, Blog, Digital Marketing

The picture above is a vlog to show what top 10 things to do in DisneySea.


They are graphic images that affect how a business is perceived and can help in the process of building a loyal following. These followers may later turn into customers.

Content Marketing, Advertisement, Digital Marketing
The picture above is an advertisement for a company that sells edibles that’s available in certain countries or states.

To close it off, content marketing is really important especially now since social media is a big thing and the fact that everyone is usually spending their day on their phones. It’s also good for your company’s brand or product when it comes to promoting them. You can use any of these examples that can help make your business grow.

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